Copy of About us

How it started

They say that every good idea starts with a problem. When founder and CEO Davids Mitrevics decorated his new family house, it felt impossible to find stylish, modern home decor that felt truly personal. When he decided to decorate her home with portraits of his four kids and their dog Kerija and cat Mona, he found herself with a second problem: we didn't want to use only small photos and also make large synthetic canvas prints.



So using the knowledge from creative industries and coming from the artist family dynasty, but not having skills to paint, Davids decided to solve both of these problems by creating a mechanical painting machine. It was made combining classical art materials - paints, brushes and stretched cotton canvases, with robotics, CNC router and special codes.  After months of planning, designing, and building, he discovered a way to achieve the look of a high-quality studio painting without using professional artist handwork.

Growing Against The Odds

In the beginning, it was a small mechanical machine, that made small paintings. But after receiving good reviews, Davids used his business knowledge and created his own company - Kosh studio. KOSH is the abbreviation from his kid’s names - Karlina, Odrija, Sarlote and Henrijs. Kosh studio received EU fund support and with more invention was created the new mechanical painting machine - Leo, in the honor of legendary artist and innovator - Leonardo da Vinci. 

Our Mission

Bound together by a love for family and a passion for design, we are constantly working to bring our customers new and exciting ways to gift thoughtfully, live stylishly, and decorate meaningfully.

We are here for art lovers who want to capture memories in a creative way.  Kosh studio is a unique artwork creator, that provides custom made painting creation from photos.